The SDN Controller for Global Networks

Designed to solve the problem of implementing a distributed SDN control plane with a network that spans the Globe. OpenKilda solves the problem of latency while providing a scalable SDN control & data-plane and end-to-end flow telemetry.

Web-Scale SDN Controller

OpenKilda is a scalable SDN Controller, architected from the ground up from web-scale technologies. OpenKilda solves the scalability challenge other SDN controllers face and was built to manage unreliable control plane which can traverse across multiple carriers over long distances.

OpenKilda Key Features

What does OpenKilda do?

Designing for a Global network requires that both the data-plane and control plane can scale.  OpenKilda is in commercial deployment and new features are constantly being added:


OpenKilda was designed to control up to a 10,000 switch network with 16 million flows


OpenKilda provides stats collection and visualization to help you manage your global network

Network State

Multiple data-points are collected for comprehensive end-to-end network state

Path Computation Engine

OpenKilda includes a Path Computation Engine (PCE) that deals with dynamic customer provisioning

Self Healing

Allows your network to automatically recover from equipment and link failures

Graphical User Interface

OpenKilda includes a graphical interface to configuration, telemetry and state monitoring

Aptira Logo

OpenKilda - Distributed is the Future

Aptira, a veteran in cloud & SDN/NFV consulting services has launched a three part blog series about OpenKilda.

Why OpenKilda?

Watch Jon Vestal present Telstra’s dynamic global SDN network and what problems they solved with OpenKilda.

Jon provides great insight into what sets OpenKilda apart from the other open source SDN Controllers available today.

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